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It Makes a Difference Where Ads Are Inserted into Online Videos

We use video advertising. I like the ones that insert a video ad into the middle of an online video. I know there are players that can take control and do the ads at the beginning, middle or end of a video, but I like them to run in the middle. OutStream video ads can be controlled by a proprietary player that handles all of that. It helps to ensure that no fake traffic is occurring, and it makes sure the person is actually watching the video and the ad. New players can tell where on the display the video is actually at. We use the pop out videos that run a video segment when a visitor to a website hovers over linked text. The algorithm makes sure we are only paying for ads that get viewed.

The reason I like the ads to run in the middle of a video is that they are like commercials you would see on TV. I never liked the before-the-video advertisements. I like to break in a critical segment of the video to run an ad. It keeps interest in watching much higher. It has worked for television since the early days, and it works for online videos too. Read more …